Pray, Fast, Give: Third Sunday of Lent

Third Week of Lent: Luke 13:1-9

This parable in Luke brings a message of hope and redemption with a simple reminder to us all - God forgives! Like the gardener pruning a fig tree, God loves us and is always ready to give us another chance to blossom. God’s tender, compassionate activity in our lives allows us to bear fruit. Let us remember God’s mercy and compassion this week.


Forgiving God,

You know my strengths and weaknesses, yet your patience, mercy and compassion are boundless!

Encourage the good within me, and prune away that which does not serve your will.

May the seeds of change you have planted in my heart, bear the fruit of love, forgiveness, justice, mercy, and compassion.



Can you identify things in your life that have grown unwieldy, take too much of your energy and attention, and keep you from bearing fruit? Prune back some of these things and allow what is important and life-giving to have the light and energy needed to blossom. Sometimes, we need to not just prune, but to weed out completely that which is harmful to the harvest. Take some time to pray with God about the garden of your soul. 



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