Fiesta 2016: Heart and Soul

On April 9th, our community gathered at the University Club for our annual Fiesta gala! This Fiesta was particularly significant as we honored our founder, Juan Lorenzo Hinojosa, PhD. and celebrated our strength as a well-structured, mission-centered organization. After 5+ years of succession planning and with a formalized strategic plan in place, we have both breadth and depth via our committed staff and board along with well established medical partners here in the US and in Bolivia. We draw our strength from Y-O-U and this is why our Fiesta celebrations are so significant!

Our Founder’s vision of the Heart and Soul of Solidarity is poignantly conveyed in his short essay and via our newest film, premiered at the Fiesta.  This community’s Heart is rooted in the spirit of love and compassion. This community’s Soul is fulfilled through mutual giving and receiving. This is the gift of solidarity — the heart and soul of Solidarity Bridge. 

Enjoy our Fiesta all over again as you scroll through these PHOTOS!  Feel free to tag and share any of these photos.

Fiesta 2016 - Heart and Soul


Our Fiesta events have a long history but this was a first time for LIVE TWEETING.  Thank you for following! Here are some tweet highlights.

All guests are invited to take this short survey so that we might learn from your experience as we plan for Fiesta 2017! 

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