Innovative minds, gifted hands, and generous hearts...

Innovative minds, gifted hands, and generous hearts are all hallmarks of the Solidarity Bridge community. Our year-round Medical Programs depend upon the collaborative efforts of our office staff, volunteers, medical personnel and financial donors. The official release of Solidarity Bridge’s 2014 container exemplified the extraordinary village required to support and grow our mission. This mammoth donation containing $1.8 million in medical equipment and supplies provides surgical staff with the tools required to determine diagnosis and administer treatment. Among the container’s life saving materials is a surgical microscope which will dramatically impact optical precision and provide greater technical flexibility and ease of use in neurosurgery. Our new Pediatric Heart Center will now be equipped with a Heart-Lung machine which will serve a vital role in our ability to complete the most advanced cardiac surgeries. Our anesthesiologists will benefit from a device that aids in anesthesia delivery, monitoring and management.  The lengthy list of comprehensive contents resulted in our 20 foot container being filled to capacity. And while the cost of many of these items was in the thousands of dollars, the life-changing effects of this container’s contents are utterly priceless.     

The process of procuring, packing and shipping this container required over a year of planning and preparation. Through the efforts of many, Solidarity Bridge was able to accomplish a singular goal: to equip medical communities in Bolivia and Paraguay, empowering them to serve those in need. To learn more about the earlier phase of this process, read the blog post written by Solidarity Bridge volunteer Julie Drew. 

Solidarity Bridge also wishes to recognize Kira Foken, who served as our Director of Procurement and Operations during this time. Kira dedicated countless hours to the success of this project and was an integral part of its completion. We wish Kira all the best as she moves on to graduate school. Muchas gracias, Kira, and to all those who helped us build this awe-inspiring bridge of solidarity!  

- SB Team