Multi-Specialty Mission Trip Begins at a New Hospital

A total of 23 Multi-Specialty Mission team members, including 13 veterans and 10 first time missioners, are on their way to Bolivia! This will be the first Solidarity Bridge team to work at the Univalle Hospital, located on the southern edge of Cochabamba.

2015 Team at O'Hare Airport

A new location and partner for Solidarity Bridge!

Solidarity Bridge works to provide people in need with medical treatment that would otherwise be unavailable to them. Univalle Hospital shares this mission. The hospital was built in what was then a marginalized neighborhood, with unpaved streets and minimal urban services. The location was intentional – it was opened with the conviction that this underprivileged community deserved access to top level medical care. In further keeping with the Solidarity Bridge mission, Univalle is a University-affiliated teaching hospital, and therefore performs extensive medical training.

Community outreach in preparation of our team’s arrival focused on convoking patients from neighboring underserved communities. Our team covers many specialties, including general surgery, gynecology, dermatology, cardiology, and family practice, some of which are inaccessible to Bolivians in the area.

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Thank you for joining the journey!