It's the Simple Things in Coroico

Today's update from the Multi-Specialty Mission Trip also comes from our guest author, Lisa Haufschild:

Simple Things

The Dermatology team has been busy seeing from 50 to 120 patients each day. A hard way of life brings many of their patients here. Living at high altitude in the sun, working in fields, living without regular showers - all breed painful skin conditions. It seems like everyone has some type of foot fungus. There are white spots on arms from too much sun. Insect bites scratched into sores abound in toddlers spending the day with parents who work in the fields. Dr. Ted Conrad, a dermatologist with the DuPage Medical Group in Wheaton, has lots of creams and practical advice - use sunscreen, try to keep socks dry and keep fingernails short on little ones. Everyone - medical teams and patients - are learning that simple things make a big difference here.