2013 Multi-Specialty Medical Mission Trip Launch

MSMT Intro blog banner Allow us to introduce our newest blogger, Mara O’Brien! Mara is our Development Director, and has been with Solidarity Bridge for one year. This will be her first mission blog, and she looks forward to sharing the inspirations, trials, and tribulations that surely lie ahead. Mara writes, “As I prepare for my first return to Bolivia in over 12 years, I am eager to blog about the country and people that have been a part of me since 1995 when I volunteered there for 2 years.”

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The Multi-Specialty Mission Trip departing on Wednesday, September 25th will be our largest this year, with twenty-seven missioners. They are prepared to make a lasting impact during their week and a half in Coroico, Bolivia, where they will provide surgery, medical care, equipment, supplies, and education where it is needed most.

Thank you for following along with us throughout the medical mission trip!