Hola from Cochabamba!

Blog Author: Kira As we progress through our third day of working in four different sites in and around Cochabamba, we have already faced a few challenges, but many more successes and moments of joy.


We were able to bring nearly 1.5 tons of specialized medical supplies and equipment with us to Bolivia, although that amount of weight isn´t always easy to move. This was especially true after a flight delay in Miami left us stranded for over 8 hours in La Paz, Bolivia, one of the highest cities in the world. Still, those supplies have proven invaluable in the past few days as many of them have already been used to help disabled children, to perform gastroenterological procedures and to complete life-saving surgeries.

Bolivian patients waiting in Tiquipaya

Despite the delay in our arrival in Cochabamba, everyone got started right away. So many people are waiting for the chance to see us and we have already consulted with many patients and several of them are already recovering from surgery.

Check back tomorrow for highlights from one of our mission sites here in Cochabamba!