Transitions: What Changes and What Stays the Same

As many of you already know, we are in a major transition at Solidarity Bridge. I helped found and have been the Executive Director of our effort since 1999. As of July 1, the function of Executive Director is taken up by Ann Rhomberg, our current Associate Director. This does not mean that I will be less involved in the work of Solidarity Bridge, but rather I will be sharpening my activity to concentrate on what I do best. I will continue to be involved in the programmatic development of our work, i.e. seeking out new opportunities for Solidarity Bridge to have a high impact on those most in need of critical medical care. I will work to create the relationships and design the structures that make these efforts effective. In addition, I will continue to pass along responsibilities for current programs to Jodi Grahl, our Latin America Coordinator. Some are asking what I will do with the additional time on my hands. Well, I do have two projects already in the works. I have developed a workshop to help those who have an interest in creating projects or organizations.  The first iteration of Enacting Your Passion will occur on August 11. I am also in the process of putting together a book proposal geared to writing a book that helps people understand spiritual discernment – through the lens of my own spiritual journey.

Some might be wondering how I feel about this change. Overall, I feel exceedingly grateful for what the Holy Mystery has accomplished in these years through Solidarity Bridge and through my work. I am excited about my two new projects and a bit wistful about the end of what has been a very rich collaboration at the level of the overall leadership of Solidarity Bridge. However, the fact is that, since joining our staff five years ago, Ann has been increasingly taking on the day-to-day leadership of the U.S.-facing aspects of Solidarity Bridge. That will continue and expand. Our interface with Bolivia and Paraguay will continue to be Jodi’s and mine for now. My new title will be Founding Director – a title that reflects my continued involvement and my role of carrying some of the institutional memory for Solidarity Bridge.

- Juan Lorenzo Hinojosa