Meet One of our Patients In Paraguay

One of the great joys of being on mission is to sit and talk to the patients and hear their stories.  They are very grateful to be heard and they appreciate so much the opportunity to share.  We always give the patient or their family a cross that has been prayed over for God’s blessing.  When appropriate, we pray with them.  Yesterday, I had the privilege to pray for Archbishop Eustaquio Cuquejo, the bishop of Asuncion.  He was in the hospital suffering from Dengue Fever – I gave him one of our crosses, which he took and kissed and was very appreciative of our visit.

We got to know Bernardina Romero and her story follows.

Bernardina, a 50 year old wife and mother, lives with her husband and five children in a squatter’s village in an insubstantial house.  Her husband sells miscellaneous articles on the roads and does subsistence farming.  A brother of hers with mental problems also lives with the family.  The money that comes into the household barely covers their immediate household living needs.

In a mix of Guarani (the native language) and Spanish she related how they live about 70 miles away from the capital, Asuncion, where she has come to receive a pacemaker – a 4 hour journey for her and some of her family that accompanied her.   She relates: “I was no longer able to work – totally depleted and without strength.  You have been able to return life to me.  I now have joy and give deep thanks to those who made it possible.”