Impact on Patients

We have been touched by the beauty and strength of the people we serve. They have demonstrated the true meaning of compassion, respect, and faith, and in them, we have seen the power of humility and human dignity. While we go to Bolivia and Paraguay to heal and empower those in need, we have found that we are healed and empowered in return.

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Impact on Partners

Our tallies of patients directly served fall far short of revealing our true impact. The focus of each Solidarity Bridge program on empowering Bolivian and Paraguayan professionals and institutions allows our impact to multiply through the innumerable additional patients who benefit from the upgraded skills of our partner physicians and equipment and supplies in our partner hospitals. Solidarity Bridge chooses each of our partners based not only on their skill sets and capacities, but also on their shared drive to use those resources and gifts in solidarity with the poor. We, in turn, are impacted by their selfless commitment and vocation.

We are proud to share below the stories of just one partner surgeon chosen from each of our programs. Select any partner name to read more. 


Impact by Numbers

Solidarity Bridge is a collaborative effort. We rely on a vast web of talents and hands to do our work, including our skilled U.S. missioners, eager partner professionals and hospitals in Bolivia and Paraguay, generous donors, energetic volunteers, focused staffs in both our US and Bolivia offices, committed Board, and all those who pray and cheer us on. Thanks to each and every one of you who, in the truest embodiment of solidarity, have made the following accomplishments possible.

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