Solidarity Bridge welcomes in-kind donations of instruments and supplies for use during our medical mission trips and by our Bolivian partners year-round. In-kind donations form the backbone of our budget, allowing us to raise the level of surgical services and expand our reach to more patients by lowering local costs. Before making an in-kind donation, please refer to our wish list and contact Jodi Grahl at or 847-328-7748.

This list is not exhaustive, please contact Jodi should you have any other items that may be of use.
Please note that with many items, we request that the item be new and/or unopened.


  • Defibrillators

  • Cardiac Monitor

  • Temporary pacemakers

  • Swan Ganz

  • Balloon catheter against aortic pulsation

  • Holter Monitor (ekg)

  • Holter Monitor (with arterial pressure)

  • Respirator for cardio anesthesia

  • Oxygenators/Perfusion Packs

  • Complete set of surgical instruments for cardiac surgery

  • Invasive monitors

  • Stents

  • Heart Valves (& related valve size kits, etc.)

  • Electrophysiology equipment

  • Toray catheters, balloon catheters (for mitral stenosis interventions)

  • Other catheters

  • Cardiovascular patches and grafts

  • Heart/Lung Machine

  • Portable and full-size echocardiograph machines

Gynecological Supplies

  • Hysteroscope

  • TOT and TVT Kits (bladder sling surgery materials)


  • Vaporizers, especially sevoflurane

  • Portable and full size anesthesia machines

  • ICU Ventilator


  • Sterostatic instruments

  • Spinal Instrumentation sets

  • Intra Operative ultrasound

  • Endoscopic equipment

  • Shunts

  • Lenses for neuro endoscope

  • Neurosurgical Microscope

Surgical Supplies and Equipment

  • Laparoscopic Tower

  • Laparoscopic  Instruments

  • Pulse oximeter

  • Suction machine and accessories

  • Vital Sign Monitors

  • Respirator

  • Portable blood pressure monitor

  • IV pumps

  • Pain pumps

  • Complete sets of general surgery instruments

  • Pediatric Endoscope

  • Sterilizers (small)/Sterad

  • Thorax Drainage System

  • Trocars (5mm and 10mm preferred)

  • Staplers/Clip Appliers

  • Infant and pediatric Ambu bags

  • #10, #11, #15 Sterile Scalpels (with handles desired)

  • Sterile Dressings/Gauze

  • Sterile Urinary Catheter sets

  • Suture

  • Steri-strips

  • Mesh

  • Sterile Laparoscopic Supplies

  • Sterilization Indicator Strips

  • Sponges – Radio opaque 4 x 4

  • Dissection Balloons

  • Light Sources

  • Surgical DVD Recorder

  • Insufflator/ CO2 Monitor

  • Foley Catheters


Donate Your Suitcase

We are always in need of extra luggage. Large rolling suitcases that have been gently used - no broken zippers, please - help our missioners transport medical supplies to Bolivia.

Please contact our office at 847-328-7748 if you have any luggage available to donate.