Dr. Jhonny Camacho

Dr. Johnny Camacho, General Surgeon, Cochabamba

Dr. Johnny Camacho is a gifted general surgeon who has dedicated his life to serving low-income patients at the Viedma Hospital in Cochabamba. Over a decade of participation in Solidarity Bridge mission trips to Cochabamba, Dr. Camacho has worked alongside US missioners⁠—Dr. Malcolm Bilimoria in delicate cancer surgeries, Dr. John Gregory in technically challenging thoracic and colon surgeries, and Dr. Gay Garrett in a wide variety of hernia repairs and gall bladder extractions⁠—demonstrating proficiency in all procedures. Dr. Camacho is also responsible for conceiving the establishment of the Puente de Solidaridad/Solidarity Bridge mobile laparoscopic surgery unit, which now takes surgery services to remote locations to serve patients unable to come to the city hospitals.