Solidarity Bridge is grateful for multiple partnerships in both the United States and Latin America. These partnerships are central to our mission, and without them, Solidarity Bridge wouldn't exist.


Latin American Partners  

Solidarity Bridge partners with doctors and hospitals in Bolivia and Paraguay who support our endeavors year round, allowing us to accomplish more together than we ever could alone. Many doctors and hospitals give generously of their time, effort, and resources as they work with us in Bolivia and Paraguay.

See a list of many of these partners here. 

Medical Organizations, Foundations, and Corporate Partners

Medical organizations, foundations, and corporations help make our work possible through in-kind donations and/or financial contributions. The following are some of our major corporate partners.

See a more complete list of these partners here. 

Fair Trade Partners

Years ago, our mission teams observed the connection between poverty and poor health in Bolivia. Solidarity Bridge has championed efforts to improve economic conditions by way of fair trade partnerships between U.S. businesses and Bolivian artisans, who would benefit from expanded markets for their products. Fair trade practices honor the cultural heritage of artisans by respecting their craftsmanship and paying living wages, while also supporting locally sourced, low-impact, or recycled materials.

Read more about our fair trade partners, Dharma Trading and Greenola Style. 

Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières, MSF)

In 2011, Solidarity Bridge entered a partnership with Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières, MSF) to combat Chagas disease in Bolivia. MSF is a Nobel-prize winning nonprofit best known for responding to emergency medical needs in regions in crisis. MSF also addresses so-called forgotten diseases, such as Chagas. 

In Bolivia, the MSF program focuses on stopping transmission of Chagas disease and providing early detection and drug treatment. Through our partnership, Solidarity Bridge steps in to serve patients identified by MSF whose Chagas disease has progressed to a stage in which a pacemaker implant or megacolon surgery is needed for survival. Our work with MSF would not be possible without the generous support of the Medtronic Foundation.

Learn more about MSF's fight against Chagas.