Solidarity Bridge Board of Directors

Dale Granchalek, JD, Chairman
Brian Clarke, JD, Treasurer
Cynthia Judge, Secretary
Dan Yousif, MD, Medical Director
Malcolm Bilimoria, MD
Nancy Churchill Matkov, RN
Alvaro Encinas, MD
Kurt Florian, JD
Jack Griffin
Jay Herrmann, MD
Kenneth Jones, MBA
Dan Lum, MD
Bishop John Manz
Richard Moser, MD
Rev. Bob Oldershaw
Janet Tomezsko, MD
Enrique Via-Reque, MD
Sr. Donna Marie Wolowicki

Solidarity Bridge Staff

Ann Rhomberg, MSW - Executive Director
Lindsay Doucette, MPA - Senior Director of Program
Megan Kennedy-Farrell, MRE - Senior Director for Mission and Identity
Jodi Grahl - Program Director: General Surgery, Gynecology, & Pacemaker
Martha Huffman, MS - Business Manager*
Rachel McDonnell - Development Director
Christi De Jong - Operations Manager

*Part Time


The Professional Advisory Board (PAB)

A reference group of physicians and nurses across various medical specialties. Members of our PAB are ambassadors for Solidarity Bridge who assist us with medical consultation, procurement of medicines/supplies/equipment, and bringing more people into our mission effort. To learn more about joining the PAB contact Ann Rhomberg


Malcolm Bilimoria, MD


Marco Fernandez, MD
George Lederhaas, MD
Mike Perconti, MD
Enrique Via-Reque, MD
Daniel Yousif, MD


Cathy Aschbacher, RN
Nancy Churchill-Matkov,RN
Roger Duber, MD
Brian Gebhardt, RN
Marian Holland, MD
Mark Ottolin, MD
Chris Peters, MD
Nancy Streitmatter, MD


Jay Herrmann, MD
Ted Conrad, MD
Wayne Blaszak, MD

General Surgery

Tony Altimari, MD
Judy Biggus, RN
Malcolm Bilimoria, MD
Gay Garrett, MD
John Gregory, MD
Brian Sakowski, RN


Tony Cirrincioni, MD
Carrie Giordano, DO
Robert LaPata, MD
Kristen Skoch, RN

Internal Medicine

Kim Grahl, MD
Spencer Rickwa, MD


Jorge Asconape, MD
Adriana Bermeo-Ovalle, MD
Andres M. Kanner, MD
Jeffrey A. Loeb, MD
Douglas R. Nordli Jr., MD
Michael C. Smith, MD


Art DiPatri, MD
Roberta Glick, MD
Richard Moser, MD
John Oldershaw, MD
Kate Scott, RN
John Weaver, MD


Daniel Lum, MD
Kathy Seskiewicz, MD