For celebrating the Extraordinary Month of mission with Solidarity Bridge

October 2019

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About SB

a lay mission of the Archdiocese of Chicago

Solidarity Bridge partners with committed Bolivian professionals to advance the health and well-being of persons with scant economic resources, particularly those seeking surgery. Started in Evanston, in 1999, Solidarity Bridge is a direct response of the laity to the Gospel call to heal the sick. Together, our mission teams and Bolivian colleagues strive to live the conviction that, as one human family, we are one – somos uno.

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Meet our missioners

Invite your parishioners to get to know our medical missioners and pray for their ongoing work. In the link below they can read personal reflections written by members of our mission team.

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Reflect on the call to Family and community

We believe that saving a life and alleviating suffering can sustain families and strengthen communities. We invite your parishioners to reflect on Catholic Social Teaching, especially the call to family and community.

Share stories of our patients and their families through the link below.


Weekly Bulletin content

During the celebration of the Extraordinary Month of Mission in October 2019, include content from Solidarity Bridge in each of your weekly bulletins.

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include solidarity bridge in your general intercessions on world mission sunday

General Intercession for Sunday, October 20, 2019
For all in need of healing care;
for our brothers and sisters around the world who lack access to essential surgical care;
for their doctors struggling with the scarcity of medical supplies;
for Solidarity Bridge - our local medical mission - bringing needed surgical training and equipment to Bolivia.

We pray…

The heart and soul of Solidarity

The principle of solidarity calls us to a deeper awareness that we are all interrelated and profoundly connected. As theologian Elizabeth Johnson suggests, when we forge deep connections with others, their sufferings and joys become part of our own personal concern and spur us to transformative action in the world.

What is the heart and soul of true solidarity? This video delves into the spiritual foundations of Solidarity Bridge’s mission work.

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Our mission is rooted in the tradition of Catholic social justice and a spirituality of solidarity. We seek a just, compassionate, and interdependent world. And that means that we want to be in relationship with you! In addition to the resources above, you can consider partnering with Solidarity Bridge at any time of the year. We have frequently partnered with parishes in the following ways and are open to serving your parish’s unique needs.

Contact us to learn more

Megan Kennedy-Farrell
Senior Director of Mission & Identity

  • Adult Faith Enrichment Programming

  • Speakers for Faith Sharing Groups

  • Mission Preaching

  • Training on the Principle of Solidarity and Its Application in Service Activities

  • Lenten Cause / Christmas Gifting

  • Medical Missioner Recruitment

  • Suitcase Donation Drive

  • Second Collection