Under the leadership of Dr. Richard Moser and other top US neurosurgeons, this program endeavors to raise the level of neurosurgery in Bolivia. Our mission teams have been the first to introduce several neurosurgical advancements in the country, while restoring quality of life to patients who had nowhere else to turn for treatment.

In partnership with neurosurgery colleagues from Bolivia and throughout Latin America, we offer structured courses in highly demanded subject areas. Lectures, demonstration sessions, and simulcast surgeries provide hands-on work and a deeper understanding of surgical techniques. Solidarity Bridge coursework trains surgeons who serve the poor and links patients without financial resources to high-quality neurosurgical care.

We have also helped to secure equipment donations and technical support to the first Epilepsy Center in Bolivia. 

Working as a team, US and Bolivian neurosurgeons encounter heartbreak and joy as they collaborate to save lives through Solidarity Bridge. See more videos.

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