Our Medical Programs are comprised of partnerships between U.S. and Latin American medical personnel who aim to serve the poor. Disease, deformities, and debilitating accidents that have little impact in the United States are rampant among the people of Bolivia and Paraguay. For many, our medical assistance provides the only chance for a productive life - or even survival. 

Solidarity Bridge is committed to promoting lasting change in Latin America. Unlike many medical mission organizations, our primary goal is to inform and equip the Bolivian and Paraguayan medical communities so that, long after our mission teams  have returned home, our Latin American colleagues can continue to serve their fellow citizens.

What happens during a medical mission trip?

In a spirit of mutuality, our medical teams work side by side with our Bolivian and Paraguayan partners, learning from each other, and often forming strong bonds of friendship. After a hard day’s work, many missioners spend their evenings leading educational seminars for the local medical community. On a day off, we typically  journey to outlying rural areas to explore the beautiful countryside and to gain a better understanding of the local people and their culture, in order to better serve them. Upon our return home, we try to share a debriefing session of reflection, connection, and thanksgiving that brings the mission experience to a close. 

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