Solidarity Bridge sends approximately five medical mission teams to Bolivia each year, with anywhere from five to thirty missioners taking part in each experience. Most hail from the Chicago area, although we’ve had an increasing number of participants from across the United States. Our teams include surgeons, anesthesiologists, surgical technicians, nurses, dentists, medical specialists, general practitioners, interpreters, chaplains, photographers, videographers, bloggers, and helpers.

Our missioners are diverse individuals. While many are Catholic, others represent a variety of faith traditions or no faith tradition. In addition, while some speak Spanish, others do not. All, however, share a desire to serve humanity and a willingness to work as a team.

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2017 Medical Mission Trip Dates:


General Surgery Mission Trip
Cochabamba, Bolivia, March 10 - 19

Neurosurgery Spine Surgery Course and Mission
Cochabamba, Bolivia, March 26 - April 1

Neurosurgery Mission
Sucre & Santa Cruz, Bolivia, April 2 - 7

Summer General Surgery Mission Trip
Santa Cruz, Bolivia, August 12 - 19

Multi-Specialty Medical Mission Trip
Punata, Bolivia, September 29 - October 8

Fall Gynecological Surgery Mission Trip
Multiple Cities, October 21 - 28

Fall Neurosurgery Mission Trip
Santa Cruz, Bolivia, November 11 - 19